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Aerospace and Government Infrastructure

Protempis’s GNSS timing receivers offer support for a wide range of civilian applications in aerospace and government operations. Based on a GNSS satellite atomic clock reference, Protempis GNSS timing receivers provide precise pulse-per-second (PPS) and 10 MHz reference frequencies in various combinations. From component modules to complete products, there is a wide range of timing receivers to meet your needs.

Calibration and Testing

For calibration labs, the Thunderbolt E GPS Disciplined Clock is available in kit form complete with Bullet III active GPS antenna, cables, universal power supply and connectors (see The Thunderbolt Lab Kit). The Thunderbolt E has frequency accuracy of 1.16 x 10e-12 (24 hour) and time accuracy of 15 ns UTC (1 sigma).

Thunderbolt Disciplined Clock.png
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