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Data Center Infrastructure

Time synchronization is a de-facto enabler of various applications in data centers. Accurate clocks and time synchronization across the networks allow different nodes to effectively perform various key functions like consistency, event ordering, causality and the scheduling of tasks and resources. Due to commonly deployed Network Time Protocol (NTP) that is innately present in every node’s Operating Systems (OS), operators are less concern about how nodes are synchronized for time except for geeks who tie this network level propagation of time to a UTC (Universal Time Coordinated or Coordinated Universal Time) reference clock. 

As the network and applications are changing, demand for increasingly precise synchronization in microseconds or less is becoming a common criterion for modern data centers. At Protempis, we provide a portfolio of products to enable data center operators to design and implement precise sync infrastructure at ease. Protempis, NTP and PTP servers are used in many data centers to meet their synchronization needs. Additionally, we now offer secure synchronization solutions that can be embedded to the server or used with NICs to provide optimal secure sync throughout the data center.

Data Processing
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