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5G for Business Transformation

The fifth generation (5G) cellular network technologies ushering in a new era in digital transformation in the telecom sector and enterprises across many industries. With the promise of extreme bandwidth (nearly 100 times faster than 4G), ultra-low latency, high levels of security and reliability, 5G holds the promise to transform industries in ways we’re just beginning to comprehend.


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LEO Constellation is a

Game Changer for SATCOM

Today, satellite communications are key to many terrestrial networks, transportation systems, airlines, marine services, and rural broadband Internet. With the increased number of LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite deployments,SATCOM operators are now able to provide higher bandwidth and better communications solutions to every part of the globe. Thousands of satellites are in plan for deployments under various LEO constellations, this greatly improves potential for Internet and 5G communications from space. These SATCOM (satellite Communications) technologies powered by LEO constellations poised to usher in a new era in terrestrial communications systems especially where physical connectivity is difficult to obtain.

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Power Substation Synchronization

Digitalization of the power industry requires a comprehensive measure to automation and synchronization of power control systems. This digitalization of the power grids essentially means that substations along the power transmission path must incorporate modern power control system to automate control functions while improving efficiency and productivity of the system. The substation automation system must also enable repetitive corrective actions to prevent failures.

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5G Mid-Band Spectrum

Globally, 5G mid-band (3.5G to 6 GHz) spectrum, specifically 3.5GHz that offers reliable private wireless services to enterprises is becoming a preferred choice in many industry verticals. Healthcare to Smart Factory, enterprises are deploying reliableprivate wireless to enhance connectivity and improve operational efficacy. The mid-band spectrum provides benefits of low-band signals for higher indoor penetration and high bandwidth capacity and lower latency of higher band.

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