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timing solutions, GNSS Antennas, GNSS Receivers

Cradlepoint and Protempis provide access 

points with precise timing and synchronization

Leading the Way in 4G and 5G Edge Networking, Cradlepoint is a leading solution provider in the realm of 4G and 5G private networking.  Cradlepoint has redefined connectivity, ensuring seamless communication and data transmission for businesses across industries.


Protempis' time and PTP sync technology enhances Cradlepoint's network solutions by boosting performance, precision, accuracy, and stability. The integration between Protempis and Cradlepoint guarantees seamless connectivity, resulting in swift deployment. Additionally, the substantial PTP client count offered by Protempis 

contributes to a cost-effective overall solution. Protempis goes further by providing integrated time switches that bring redundancy, uninterrupted system updates, and flexibility for intricate network architectures. 

The bottom line: Protempis ensures meticulous synchronization, a vital component for reliable private 5G communication, and precision hardware time stamping for applications like IoT.


Access Points for Private Wireless

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