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SmartGrid – Power Substation Infrastructure

Digitalization of power industry requires a comprehensive measure to automation and synchronization of power control systems. This digitalization of power grids essentially means that substations along the path of power transmission system must incorporate modern power control system to automate control functions improving efficiency and productivity of the system. The substation automation system must also enable repetitive corrective actions to prevent against failures.


Substation automation is a mission-critical task and electric power utilities must synchronize across large-scale distributed power grid switches in a substation to enable smooth power transfer and maintain power supply  integrity. These tasks also involve ensuring that  substation devices have accurate clocks for system control and data acquisition.

Protempis timing solutions provide several products that meet the needs of digital transformation in power substations, including modules that can be embedded in PMU (Phasor Measurement Unit), Merging station and devices that provide precise time and frequency together with holdover in case of emergencies.

timing solutions
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