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Consistent data drives every diagnosis.

Healthcare Infrastructure

Patient handoff from ambulance to hospital, recording steps taken in an operating room, logging drug manufacture and supply chain: all areas of medicine and healthcare where accurate and traceable time is a requirement or an asset. Poor time synchronization in certain medical devices could be hazardous. A study by University of Pennsylvania found an average of 24 minutes time error among 1700 medical devices surveyed. Such time error in critical medical systems such as cardiovascular systems, cardio monitors, and EMRs could provide wrong physiological status giving misleading information about patient condition. Hence, time synchronization among medical devices and underlying networks are extremely important to delivering patient safety and meeting healthcare safety obligations.

Protempis’s cost-effective GNSS receivers, antennas and time servers makes it easier to achieve required time sync accuracy throughout the network enabling the healthcare industry to eliminate time errors among medical devices and effective calibrations of clock across medical systems.

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