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Product Compliance

Conflict Minerals Policy

Protempis is committed to sourcing components and materials from companies that share our values concerning human rights, ethics and environmental responsibility.  Protempis is actively implementing the procedures, systems and reporting requirements necessary to comply with regulations.

Protempis follows the requirements of The Dodd-Frank Act that requires companies report annually on the presence of certain minerals, characterized as conflict minerals, including tin, tantalum, tungsten or gold, in the products they manufacture or contract to manufacture and demonstrate the proper level of due diligence in determining whether these minerals originated from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or an adjoining country or from scrap or recycled sources. The goal of the act is to cut direct and indirect funding of groups engaged in armed conflict and human rights abuses.

Protempis does not directly purchase any conflict materials. Tracing these materials back to their country of origin is a complex task that may require us to, among other things, survey suppliers in our supply chain to understand what programs they have in place for tracing the source of minerals supplied to us or used in products supplied to us and to ensure that reasonable due diligence has been performed. Protempis encourages its suppliers to be part of the due diligence process to determine the source and chain of custody of the conflict minerals in the assemblies, parts or components they supply to us.

Protempis fully understands the importance of this issue and we will take the proper steps to ensure our continued compliance with the reporting obligations.

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